About Me

Xose Maria Diaz Castro is one of the household names in most Spanish countries.

What propelled me to the top?

One of the most notable reasons that propelled me to the top is the fact that I was able to interpret the tone of the writer and reinstate it in every piece of writing that I translated. This made me a unique translator since I had the capacity to replicate the writer’s expressions in their undistorted state. Without any doubt, this helped me to capture the attention of readers in every piece of writing that I laid my hands on.

Economic Performance In 2016

After a rough 2015 and 2016, many Latin American expect nothing but growth in their economies. Not shocking, the region’s inhabitants have staged a number of protests in a bid to pressure the government into spurring economic growth through the devising and implementation of strategic economic policies.

Featured Online Project in 2018

2018 brings many interesting development in Latin American countries. The most crucial one would be online adult project called Latin Leche.


Standing for latin milk, it’s adult entertainment website coming straight from the United States. Adventures of a single guy with pocket money and his seduction of local guys from various Latin countries.

Latin America - International Relations

Successful relations with China and the US

Having close relations

In a world where existing independently is virtually impossible, there is every need to be in close relations with the people around you. This principle actually applies to countries as well. The Latin American community is fully aware of the need to have close relations with the international community. But, the international community comprises many entities.

Much as it is vital to have close ties with almost every country on the planet, there are certain countries that every country cannot afford to be in bad terms with.

Streaming Series

We present the very best and most popular series streaming right now in Latin America's countries.

Sis Loves Me

Sis Loves Me is the newest digital trend in Latin American countries. The series that features only the very best of step siblings videos is now offered in all the countries. It debuted back in 2016 and it still provides the exclusive weekly updates of sexual adventures of step brothers and step sisters.

Gender X Films

Gender X Films – get the taste of transgender fun in unrestricted, unlimited taboo scenarios. Most beautiful models, hottest partners and all gender all out sexual fun.

Greedy Creampies – when it comes to have the internal way of fun you can be sure that being greedy is something that no gender has exclusivity to.

Dare Dorm

Dare Dorm – watch the funniest dorm parties where dares are integral part of the fun. The problem is some dares explode out of proportions.  A lot.

TransAngels - Original Series

TransAngels – with popularity of transexual trends in Southern America countries you can be sure this series is something that locals love to see. The biggest names in industry engaging in questionable, yet so watchable situations.

Lez Be Bad

Lez Be Bad – Adult Time’s newest series features only the kinkiest girls doing it with other girls… rough way. With toys!


21 Erotic Anal – something that never gets old in the world of entertainment. And surely it’s not yet past its prime time in Latin America. We are talking about the most romantic anal entertainment from Europe. See yourself.


Transcest – enter the world of the kinkiest FTM transitions content where kinky step family fantasies are brought to life. Living out the kinks to the fullest!

Sweetheart Video - Logo

Sweetheart Video – watch how beautiful it can get when two or more girls engage in this specific kind of scenarios. Watch them being intimate, feminine and pleasing towards each other.


VOYR – Latin gay paradise is just one step ahead. Watch the hottest guys from Latin countries of America pleasing each other to maximum. In all kind of ways!

Latin American Countries

The Latin American region was mostly colonized by Portugal and Spain. As the two empires of the pre-renaissance era, they managed to capture the continent to themselves.

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