About Me

Xose Maria Diaz Castro is one of the household names in most Spanish countries. This is not shocking considering the fact that this name has been behind some of the most iconic poetic writings of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Up to this day, this name continues to inspire many people from all corners of the earth including writers, translators, reporters, artists and even painters. If you belong to one of these and several other fields related to them, you are obviously familiar with this name.

This is a basic introduction of the man who has inspired both the near and distant future of the live performance arts. As indicated earlier, I was one of the few poets to have made an impression on the poetry translation fraternity as far back as

What propelled me to the top?

A number of reasons account for my rise to the top as a translator of poetic Further, I also managed to ascend to the top of the translation fraternity as a result of my keen interest in poetry. Not shocking, I was able to assert myself as an important figure in other areas of translation as well including news, books and other pieces of writings. One of the most notable reasons that propelled me to the top is the fact that I was able to interpret the tone of the writer and reinstate it in every piece of writing that I translated. This made me a unique translator since I had the capacity to replicate the writer’s expressions in their undistorted state. Without any doubt, this helped me to capture the attention of readers in every piece of writing that I laid my hands on.

Another important attribute of my translation skills is the fact that I was able to translate almost all languages in Europe. I remained one of the few translators of the time to have managed to speak almost all the most important languages on the continent including Spanish, English and Portuguese. Not shocking, I was able to gain recognition within a short time frame of my existence. Even though I spent most of time working in Spain, my fame had spread throughout Europe and the world over.

Apart from my ability to grasp the writer’s tone and replicate it in its undistorted nature, I was able to convey the message behind any piece of writing especially poetry. This explains why I was more than capable of translating poetry on all aspects of life including love, death, birth, divorce and even education. There was barely any subject of life that was past my message conveyance capabilities.

I was not only a translator of various pieces of writings and poetry. Rather, I was also able to operate as a poet. Put simply, I was also a poet. Thus, it was more than easy for me to interpret poetic pieces of writings without distorting their nature, message and even tone.

In addition to being a poet, I was also working as a researcher and teacher. Thanks to my work as a researcher, I was able to improve my poetry translation skills on a daily basis. As a result, I was a better poet and translator everyday.

Inspiring works

I engaged in a number of activities that enabled me to inspire a lot of people. First of all, most of my work was related to translation of various poetic pieces of writings. Throughout my work as a translator of poetry, I was able to inspire a number of people from all corners of the globe especially the young people who had passion for poetry. Up to this day, I still continue to inspire many people, young and old alike.

My teaching career was another milestone in as far as inspiring people was concerned. As a teacher of poetry and translation, I was able to inspire many young people and my colleagues who were working alongside me. This also applied to my various research works which I did at the time my career was at its peak.

My great translation work is reflected in a number of iconic authors of the globe including Verne Von Heidenstam, Rainer MARIA Rike, Henrik Pontoppidan, Paul Valery, Johannes Vihelm Jensen and Paul Claude. Not shocking, The Galician Literature Day is dedicated to my work.