Jair Bolsonaro – In Which Ways Can Neo-Liberalism Help Or Destroy The Country

Jair Bolsonaro – In Which Ways Can Neo-Liberalism Help Or Destroy The Country

Neo-liberalism cannot be said to be all bad even if it is not a word that elicits positive feelings. However, many of the policies associated with neo – liberalism are not popular with the masses especially in Latin America. The Brazilian government, under the leadership of Jair Bolsonaro, has embraced this state.

In Latin America, neo-liberalism does not have a stellar track record. In fact, it has been tried but it failed to deliver results. This state promotes policies such as the following:

  • Privatization of public resources
  • Free trade
  • Cuts in government expenditure
  • Financial deregulation

The market is mostly concerned about profit margins and ensuring that there is some middle ground between supply and demand. This is necessary for making good profits.

The Rise Of Neoliberalism In Latin America

One of the reasons why neo-liberalist state failed in Latin American countries such as Brazil can be found in history. Countries that were under colonial and imperialist rule depended on their natural resources of which there were plenty.

However, the colonialists set up infrastructures in such a way that resources were extracted and transported out of the country. Thus, development in the various areas of the economy was not uniform.

Once these colonies gained independence, they focused on developing areas of the economy that had stagnated. Tariffs were the go-to solution for earning income. However, they affected economic growth negatively.

 In a bid to correct this, leaders adopted neoliberalist policies. These called for the banishing of tariffs and opening up the markets to the international community.

Jair Bolsonaro

Jair Bolsonaro’s Victory

The victory of Jair Bolsonaro in a runoff election signifies the resurgence of neoliberalism as he embodies it. The country has experienced the most serious economic slump in history in the last decade. With Bolsonaro at the helm, this scenario is expected to continue playing out.

How Can Neoliberalism Help Or Destroy The Country?

According to political analysts, Neoliberalism is not likely to make the country’s economic situation any better. In the last decade, the following has happened:

  • At least 14 million Brazilians of working age have lost their jobs
  • The elite political class has grown richer
  • The ruling class has gained even more political clout

This cycle is expected to continue playing out. Consequently, the country will continue experiencing economic problems. This realization may drive Brazilians to elect better leaders in future; leaders whose main priority is rebuilding the country’s economy.

This will work well if there is a change in the organization of economic relations.

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Neoliberalism is not likely to be of much help to the country. Considering the history behind it as well as results achieved, this state does not promise any great changes; at least not where the economy is concerned. It is the age-old saying of doing the same thing while expecting different results. History has the records to prove liberal governments are not helpful. Those that supported the financing of industrial economies left in their wake capitalist crisis. All the economies had to show for their efforts were debts.